How to find discounted gift cards!

10% off Home Depot and Lowe’s Gift Cards

We’re always looking for ways to save money on our Home improvement projects and we recently ran into a Great website that sells gift cards for a Discounted price. If you can find coupons and then buy gift cards at anywhere from 8%-10% off their face value, then your looking at a pretty decent savings. Where to buy Home Improvement Gift cards? We’ve seen gift cards for sale on many websites, including, and ebay. We’ve had really good success looking on smaller, local classified sites for some awesome deals as well. We recommend looking at your local Craigslist for your city and surrounding cities. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that a lot of people are looking to unload gift cards they’ve received as gifts for a nice discount. The great part about Craigslist, backpage and all these other classified websites is that your can wheel-n-deal with people bringing the total price of the gift card down significantly! We encourage you to check out the following sites for Discounted home improvement Gift cards: Make sure that you look carefully at every deal and evaluate the percentage of savings your getting. We’re seeing up… Continue reading

Home Building Resources

Home Update Checklist to add value to your House

Below you will find a list of services we recommend for all our visitors to look at when looking problems in their homes – this list is not exhaustive, but will help you navigate through certain issues that will come up when looking to do updates to your home or when your trying to buy a new home. Windows (Replacement) Check you current windows to ensure they are not leaking Heat/Air conditioning. This will be an indicator of your Power consumption and Energy loss levels in your home. Window treatment installation If you are experiencing high costs of natural gas or high electricity bill, or you hear that your furnace is always running, this is an indicator that you should hire a professional to install window treatments in your home to reduce your energy consumption and further insulation your home. Window cleaning Are your windows Filthy? Is there a outer window and inner window that needs to be cleaned? Check for cracked windows that have leaked water and other debris. Water Damage Reconstruction Water damage can occur from all sorts of different problems. Burst pipes, leak sinks, leaking windows, etc. Check your home or a potential home from Water damage… Continue reading

summer energy saving tips!

Energy Saving Tips for any Home

Summer is a time of year that everyone likes – there’s no doubt about that. Everyone is usually outside in the sun and warm weather enjoying themselves. But many people dont realize that your home may be losing energy throughout the summer months, especially if your home is Air conditioned and you like to keep it rather cool. Below are a few Energy Saving Tricks that anyone can use in their home to keep the cost of electricity down and your bills lower! If you have a standing room air conditioner in your home or apartment you will know how crucial it is to have proper ventilation for the inlet and the exhaust pipes. But another common mistake people dont account for the problem of blocking the air filer with another piece of furniture to further disguise the a/c unit. Blocking the filter reduces the efficiency of the air and in turn increases its power consumption by up to 6%. That will in turn cause the air conditioning up to use more Power, thus hitting your wallet in turn. Each person that is present in your household usually produces 100-150 watts of heat at any given time. Consider taking the… Continue reading