Check out this Guest post for weather proofing your home

Winter’s Here – Time to Weatherproof your Home!

Winter is here in full swing and many parts of the country are seeing Snow and Sub-freezing temperatures. We recommend that everyone start taking the proper per-cautions in order to make sure their homes are properly weather-proofed in order to save money on energy costs! We’ve invited a Professional Contractor who specializes in Home Siding in Portland, OR to discuss what they do to weatherproof homes during the winter months.

When we go out to homes and look at existing siding, Windows, exterior doors and exterior faces, we start to see that there are many ways for updating your homes exterior in order to further protect it from the elements. Not only will this additional weatherproofing help protect your home from additional home heating costs, but will aid in insulating the home in the summer-time as well. Here are some steps that any homeowner can do when looking at sealing up their home for the harse winter months coming up.

  • Buy weatherstripping for your Exterior doors from any Home improvement store. Read the instructions and apply it immediately. This will help keep out any cold wind from coming into your home.
  • If you have an older home, buy Door sweeper/stopper that you can slide under the bottom of the door to protect from air coming from under the door.
  • Keep your Shades closed if you have old Wood or Aluminum windows. This is further assist you from allowing air under the doors to escape through into your homes.
  • Install window guards on the outside of your windows. These are usually aluminum outer windows that will screw into your existing frames that will help keep the elements out.
  • Dont open windows unless you absolutely need too. People will sometimes open windows in the bathroom while showering or in the kitchen while cooking. Minimize the amount of time windows are open in order to cut down on the furnace running at the time.
  • Use your wood burning fireplace to assist in keeping rooms warm that you are using rather than heating up the whole house using the furnace. This will cut costs dramatically if practiced often and safely.

When customers call us to discuss matters of Weatherproofing, we first point them to our FAQ section of our website to help them complete as much of it as possible themselves to Save money on labor. Many of them finish a majority of it and then call us to finish the rest of their Weatherproofing and Exterior Home updates projects.

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Where to buy Home Improvement Gift cards?

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We encourage you to check out the following sites for Discounted home improvement Gift cards:


Make sure that you look carefully at every deal and evaluate the percentage of savings your getting. We’re seeing up to 10% and even sometimes 15% through local buyers who really are desperate to sell their gift cards! Good LUCK!

Home Building Resources

Home Update Checklist to add value to your House

Below you will find a list of services we recommend for all our visitors to look at when looking problems in their homes – this list is not exhaustive, but will help you navigate through certain issues that will come up when looking to do updates to your home or when your trying to buy a new home.

    • Windows (Replacement)

Check you current windows to ensure they are not leaking Heat/Air conditioning. This will be an indicator of your Power consumption and Energy loss levels in your home.

    • Window treatment installation

If you are experiencing high costs of natural gas or high electricity bill, or you hear that your furnace is always running, this is an indicator that you should hire a professional to install window treatments in your home to reduce your energy consumption and further insulation your home.

    • Window cleaning

Are your windows Filthy? Is there a outer window and inner window that needs to be cleaned? Check for cracked windows that have leaked water and other debris.

    • Water Damage Reconstruction

Water damage can occur from all sorts of different problems. Burst pipes, leak sinks, leaking windows, etc. Check your home or a potential home from Water damage problems.

    • Water Damage Extraction & Clean Up

If you have discovered water damage, call a professional Immediately to find out if they can help you fix any issues that have arisen or need immediate attention in order to remediate the problem and clean up the water damage.

    • Wallpaper removal

Wallpaper can look “Cool” – but sometimes a previous home owner doesn’t have a good fashion sense. Wallpaper removal can be quick or can take some time. Doing it correctly and not ruining the underlying wall is crucial to re-using the wall behind it.

    • Wood and Drywall repair

Wall damage and drywall damage can be repaired quickly in any home with little work. DIY drywall repair can be easily done. We have tons of easy DIY drywall repair methods that anyone can do.

    • Swimming Pool Remodeling & Restoration

Does you have a Swimming Pool!? If so, consider remodeling the area around it or restoring it to new shape.

    • Swimming Pool Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintaining a clean swimming pool is essential to providing the proper value for your home! Make sure your pool is clean and covered when not in use to minimize the need to hire expensive cleaners to rehab your pool later after the damage has been done.

    • Swimming Pool Builders

Some states have climates that are ripe for a Swimming pool. Think twice before considering a pool in your backyard or at your home. Some states have climates that are not recommended to have a pool in – although many people do, consider how many times you will use it and the cost of maintaining a pool

    • Sunrooms

A sunroom, is a room usually built onto the side of your home which give you the possible enjoyment of the landscape around your home while being covered and away from weather outside. Sunrooms are great for dining in an environment that has a lot of light and feels like the outdoors.

    • Soffit and Fascia repair

Soffit or Fascia repair is common when a home has a leaky room and water has seeped through the roof and onto the fascia into the fascia. Repairing those portions are crucial and will make the home look great!

    • Shower door installation

Shower doors are there to protect the water from coming out of the water. sometimes there will be leaks and caulking will need to be reapplied to provide a great seal!

    • Shelving

Home shelving is great for storage of books, clothing, linens, and other materials that are usually put onto shelves. Many times kitchen shelves need to be refinished to give them a great exterior look and feel!

    • Rot repair

Rot and Dry rot repair is never fun. When dealing with water damage homes in your area, ensure that you have checked and found out where the leak has come from in order to ensure that the dry rot and water will not come back after you have finished fixing the problems.

    • Roofing

Roofs usually last many years if properly installed! We suggest you have a professional out to assess your roof in order to ensure it was installed correctly!

    • Roof cleaning

Roof maintenance is essential to preserving your room. We recommend inspecting your roof in order to have the proper maintenance done when needed to avoid moldy moss growing on your roof that will eventually eat it up quickly.

    • Repair and install Tile

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles will sometimes break due to moisture, humidity levels in your home or a settling sub-floor. We recommended checking all areas in your home that have tiles and check for cracked tiles.

    • Remodeling

A remodel, renovated home is worth more than a home that is old and untouched. Look for homes that have sutle updates and look for things in your home that can make the value go up with little investment.

    • Pressure Washing

Power washing or Pressure washing your home can help your homes appearance and potentially raise the value of your home. You sidewalks, siding, decking, walkways etc are all good places to take a pressure washer too.

    • Plumbing

Plumbing problems come up all the time. we suggest you have a Good plumber on hand in order to really get any plumbing issues taken care of correctly. A leaky pipe can cause tons of Water damage and even Mold damage very quickly! Do yourself a favor and dont ruin your home by trying to DIY a plumbing problem. This is where money can really be spent wisely.

    • Picture hanging

Hanging pictures covers empty walls really well. Have a look through local magazines and books that are geared towards home improvement, design and interior designs. This will help those walls look great for with little effort.

    • Painting, including decorative and faux finish

Painting you home will give you it tons of great appeal and the value will instantly be re-evaluated. We suggest that you truly start looking for good painter who will assist you in the process of providing great painting tips and tricks :)

    • Painting (interior & exterior)

Interior home painting and exterior home painting are both great ways to update your home fairly quickly and inexpensively! We recommend that you start working on getting your home painted with a new coat of paint and change the way your home smells and looks quickly!

    • Mold Remediation & Restoration

Mold Remediation, Mold Removal, Water Damage Repair are all big time issues that should be addressed immediately! Do not let Mold in your home sit for long, as it will start to develop toxins in your home and continually cause huge issues for you and your family!

    • Masonry

Brick and stone fronts on your exterior facades always make for a great home update and value added benefit when done correctly. When hiring someone to work on the exterior portion of your home, consult a professional regarding a vapor barrier and proper mudding techniques.

    • Lawn Sprinkler – Repair

A lawn sprinkler system is a nice benefit to your home. That last issue you want when having a sprinkler system is a HUGE water bill if there is a leak. Ensure that you are not paying tons of money for a water bill that is not necessary – and if you are, considering checking your sprinkler system in order to ensure there are no leaks at all.

    • Lawn Sprinkler – Installation

If you care about your lawn and garden, consider investing in a great sprinkler system installation kit! You can either DIY this project, or hire a lawn care company to really fine this for you!

    • Lawn Maintenance

Ensure you lawn is carefully trimmed, edged and fertilized to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to home updates. Believe it or not, Having a finely groomed lawn will add more curb appeal that almost any other low-cost update you can do!

    • Landscape Design & Installation

Hire a proven landscape design company to work on getting your lawn and landscaping up to tip-top shape in order to really give your home the appeal it needs!

    • Handyman / Home Repair

Handyman can come in “handy”  when looking for someone to help with your home improvement projects. We suggest checking your local yelp, google and yellow page listings for great handyman in your area. Angie’s list and Craigslist are also great sites to find good, cheap and affordable handymen around your area.

See Other Areas to Work on below:

    • Gutters
    • Gutter Repair and cleaning
    • Glass & Mirror
    • Garage Doors & Openers
    • Foundation Repair
    • Flooring & Carpeting
    • Flooring
    • Fire Damage Reconstruction
    • Fire Damage Clean Up and Restoration
    • Fencing
    • Exterior Painting
    • Electrical
    • Dust-free hardwood floor sanding
    • Dryer vent cleaning and installation
    • Drainage Contractors
    • Doors: repair and installation
    • Doors and Window Replacement
    • Decks, Patios, Outdoor Living
    • Custom closets
    • Custom Carpentry
    • Custom Cabinets
    • Custom book cases
    • Crown Moulding, Baseboard, Trim, Casing
    • Chimney repair
    • Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures
    • Carpet, Rug, & Upholstery Cleaning
    • Carpentry
    • Bathtub and shower caulking
    • Automatic Gates
    • Assemble playground and swing sets
    • Appliance and Repair
    • Air Conditioning & Heating

This post will be updated periodically to show updates that we believe will truly bring value of your home up and position you and your family to make some very nice return on your investment.