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The Evolving Treatment Model in Autism and other Childhood Developmental Disorders: Implications for Clinical and Educational Care

We have been very pleased with the feedback and comments received about the Thoughtful House in Action conference, which was held in Cambridge on 7th March 2006.

For information about the work of Thoughtful House.

It has been brought to our attention that a freelance investigative journalist, Mr Brian Deer, has used his website to question the qualifications of one of our speakers, Paul Shattock, who is Director of the Autism Research Unit at the University of Sunderland and a qualified pharmacist. Our conference speaker list stated one of Mr Shattock’s qualifications as DipAgVet (which we should have stated more fully as DipAgVetPharm).

Mr Deer, in an item tastefully entitled “Paul Shattock: Taking the Piss?”, asks for suggestions as to what this qualification might mean. It seems, however, that his ‘investigation’ did not stretch to making contact with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, who told us:

We confirm that the qualification – DipAgVetPharm (Diploma in Agricultural and Veterinary Pharmacy) was awarded by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain after a course of study, success in written and oral examinations, and practical experience.

We confirm that Paul Shattock was awarded the Society’s Diploma in Agricultural and Veterinary Pharmacy in 1982.

The current qualification is DVetPharm (Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacy) following a change in course content.

A simple email exchange solved the mystery.


Soon after we published this item, Mr Deer modified the article on his website by removing the title (quoted above) and acknowledging that the qualification in question is indeed DipAgVetPharm.

Texas’ Thoughtful House Center for Children is fighting to recover children with childhood developmental disorders (Autism, NLD, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, PDD) through a combined effort of Medical Care, Education & Research.

Join us on Tuesday March 7th as prominent researchers and clinicians in this field come to Cambridge to present their findings and methods of treatment and care.

This Seminar is geared for Parents, Professional and Anyone who has a Heart for children with developmental disorders – Everyone will learn something at this meeting.