How to find discounted gift cards!

Finding Coupons for all your Projects: The Ultimate Guide

We’re always looking for ways to save money on our Home improvement projects and we recently ran into a Great website that sells gift cards for a Discounted price. If you can find coupons and then buy gift cards at anywhere from 8%-10% off their face value, then your looking at a pretty decent savings. In the past, we have found coupon codes for Sports equipment and other stores such as Finishline and Dicks Sporting Goods.

Where to buy Gift cards and Find Promo Codes for Anything you want to Buy?

We’ve seen gift cards for sale on many websites, including, and ebay. We’ve had really good success looking on smaller, local classified sites for some awesome deals as well. We recommend looking at your local Craigslist for your city and surrounding cities. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that a lot of people are looking to unload gift cards they’ve received as gifts for a nice discount. The great part about Craigslist, backpage and all these other classified websites is that your can wheel-n-deal with people bringing the total price of the gift card down significantly!

We encourage you to check out the following sites for Discounted home improvement Gift cards:

  • – They sell all types of coupons.
  • – Discounted Coupon with balances still left on them.
  • – People are always try to sell coupons and craigslist is Fast and a has a Ton of Traffic.
  • – The little black book of the internet. Craiglist has banned many things from sell, which as now sold on Backpage.
  • – selling gift cards on Ebay is very trendy now.
  • – Users submit coupons and share with other users.
  • – Another user submitted coupon site.
  • – Auto Parts Coupons in particular for

Make sure that you look carefully at every deal and evaluate the percentage of savings your getting. We’re seeing up to 10% and even sometimes 15% through local buyers who really are desperate to sell their gift cards! Good LUCK!

Floor Resurfacing to bring new value to your home

Is your Flooring ready to be Changed? See what the Experts Say

Interior Floors (whether wood, linoleum, or tile) is among the most significant parts of each house. In the end, it’s the permanent covering of the ground you walk on day in and day out. A few of the typical components employed for floor are ceramic, terrazzo, wood, cultured stone, faux wood, tile or linoleum. Flooring usually last to a very long time, particularly the types that are well cared for and always maintained. But maintaining floors to give them a vibrant and easy treatment needs to be studied to be able to protect them nicely. But undoubtedly, become destroyed through time and it’s expected for them to diminish as well. By any event, the need for floor resurfacing is needed. Usually, floor resurfacing is just a procedure for changing the top layer to a new one and eliminating your previous and creaky, non-aesthetically beautiful floor. Today, floor resurfacing is a common business practice, due to the money saving features it provides to customers. Nowadays there are many suppliers that many companies use in order to provide Like-new finishes to home-owners. Floor resurfacing can be achieved personally by yourself, but we dont recommend taking on a task that you are not familiar with. Knowing how to complete it correctly and getting a wonderful outcome can provide you with great floors that are good for another 10-15 yrs. In a lot of terms, performing floor rehab might be a risk that some homeowners take, but we recommend you leave it up to professionals who do this type of work day-in and day-out!

For many, re-surfacing is left to flooring companies or people who do floor finishes for a living. They’re those who understand precisely what is needed to resurface your floor due to the floors and materials that are related to your current floors. From among a wide selection of flooring styles, you are able to select which fits the current style of your office or house. The floor options similarly range from Wood, Tile, Linoleum and many other components that are emerging in the markets. It’s necessary to pick the content. The way flooring products work depends largely on the type of floors you have and what types of finishes you are a looking for.

Speaking with a professional flooring company in our area, we concluded the following when starting the process of resurfacing floors on our home:

In floor resurfacing, you will find two primary factors that need to be addressed before you start. First may be the planning of the type of finish you want to create an effective color sample for your floors – we recommend trying out this finish on a small piece of wood similar to your floor types before hand. The piece should be close to your wood as possible. In cleaning the piece of wood, pressure wash or a mild sand blast can be used to clean it properly. Companies performing floor resurfacing apply bonding supplies that are needed to ensure no standing water is left and that breaks in the wood are properly filled to perfection and are level throughout. Make sure the fill is dry and leveled and should be sufficiently sanded in order to create a nice, clean and smooth surface. This will provide a good surface to adhere too and give you the proper surface tension in order to make the laquer properly stick to the wood floors.

This is a small portion of how you should start off your wood resurfacing project. We spoke to several great flooring contractors who provided us with some great insight and how they would start this project and the do’s and dont’s of such a project. We recommend that people who have not worked in the wood working realm not try to start a project like this on your own. It takes carefull precision, planning the proper tools in order to complete a project like this fast, accurate and clean compared to many other home DIY projects. This type of project can be completed within a couple’s days time and with the right team, resanding, refinishing and resurfacing will be done on time and you can be moved back into your home/office very quickly.

Take the following precautions when planning a floor resurfacing project in a closed space:

  1. Ventilate the area Properly throughout the Whole process. Toxic Fumes will accumulate in the space and can cause damage to your respiratory system.
  2. Ensure that you test the Color of the Laquer before you commit to resurfacing all your floors. Make sure the Test subject is also sealed with Polyurtene coat to see what the real color of the floors will turn out to be – THIS IS IMPORTANT as the color will differ slightly.
  3. Give ample time to the floors to dry before you occupy the area again. Floors need to properly dry before walking on them or else you can cause small scratches and divots in the finish.
  4. Use High Grade Water-Based Polyurethane Sealer instead of Oil based counterpart.

Using the following steps will ensure that your floors will turn as they should and provide you with the Best Finishes possible!

Check out this Guest post for weather proofing your home

Winter’s Here – Time to Weatherproof your Home!

Winter is here in full swing and many parts of the country are seeing Snow and Sub-freezing temperatures. We recommend that everyone start taking the proper per-cautions in order to make sure their homes are properly weather-proofed in order to save money on energy costs! We’ve invited a Professional Contractor who specializes in Home Siding in Portland, OR to discuss what they do to weatherproof homes during the winter months.

When we go out to homes and look at existing siding, Windows, exterior doors and exterior faces, we start to see that there are many ways for updating your homes exterior in order to further protect it from the elements. Not only will this additional weatherproofing help protect your home from additional home heating costs, but will aid in insulating the home in the summer-time as well. Here are some steps that any homeowner can do when looking at sealing up their home for the harse winter months coming up.

  • Buy weatherstripping for your Exterior doors from any Home improvement store. Read the instructions and apply it immediately. This will help keep out any cold wind from coming into your home.
  • If you have an older home, buy Door sweeper/stopper that you can slide under the bottom of the door to protect from air coming from under the door.
  • Keep your Shades closed if you have old Wood or Aluminum windows. This is further assist you from allowing air under the doors to escape through into your homes.
  • Install window guards on the outside of your windows. These are usually aluminum outer windows that will screw into your existing frames that will help keep the elements out.
  • Dont open windows unless you absolutely need too. People will sometimes open windows in the bathroom while showering or in the kitchen while cooking. Minimize the amount of time windows are open in order to cut down on the furnace running at the time.
  • Use your wood burning fireplace to assist in keeping rooms warm that you are using rather than heating up the whole house using the furnace. This will cut costs dramatically if practiced often and safely.

When customers call us to discuss matters of Weatherproofing, we first point them to our FAQ section of our website to help them complete as much of it as possible themselves to Save money on labor. Many of them finish a majority of it and then call us to finish the rest of their Weatherproofing and Exterior Home updates projects.